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After getting the call for all hands to come restore power in hurricane stricken Florida, we drove 18 hours straight. On the way we purchased and picked up 3 additional bucket / utility trucks from a used truck dealer in Georgia. The 2011 Kenworth T370, 2011 Ford F750 and 2012 Freightliner M2 bucket trucks drove fine all the way down the state.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. After days on the job, one truck went into shutdown. The other two, after a week, went into limp mode and had issues with PTO (power take off) when running the buckets continuously.

A crew member we added on in Florida knew about ECM Performance and their work with emergency vehicles. I called them at 4:30 pm and begged them to help us out.

A tech from ECM Performance drove 4 hours at night and came on site before sunrise. With the assistance of other off-site ECM Performance techs, they had all 3 trucks running perfect by 2pm.

We have not had a Limp Mode, PTO or shutdown issue in 3 weeks. With 6 trucks and crew we were able to make a huge difference to the storm relief and a HUGE payday,

Thank you ECM Performance!

Randall K.
Electrical Line Restoration Services


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We received this Peterbilt 2014 579 with a Paccar MX13 Engine brand new. We are coast to coast long haul truckers in South Africa.

Like most of the other poor bastards that have issues with these DPF trucks, we experienced ongoing derates, check engine lights and total shutdowns. Dealer and local service only provided us temporary and costly "solutions."

Jim and the boys at ECM Performance in Florida were able get rid of all our problems. We had the ECM back in a week! This included shipping both ways all the way to the US! Since we got the ECM back, we ran 100,000 km and still going strong!

Pete Z.
Long Haul Trucker
South Africa


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We have a 2009 Peterbilt 386 with a C15 engine that is used for farming.

We had the following problems: The DPF wouldn't clean, stop engine lights, check engine Lights, de rates, limp modes and shuts down. The worst part was that the truck only had 50,000 miles on it.
I heard about from a mechanic at the dealership. 3 days later we installed the reprogrammed ECM and no more problems with the truck.

I wish we new about you guys a year ago. I would have saved a lot of money and had a running truck.- Thanks BIG TIME!

Hector P.
Agriculture / Farming
Mexico City, Mexico


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We bought our Kenworth 2011 T800 with a Caterpillar C13 ACERT engine as a certified pre owned rig. We got it from a large in-state dealer with a great reputation. When we put inservice on one of the oil fields, we had almost immediate problems with EGR valves and a clogged DPF filter.

We learned that our application which requires almost 24 -7 idle and slow speed operation was the cause of our problem. Two times we brought is back to the dealer. Both times they for a regen on the truck with their computer. Still the problems came back.

We asked another vendor on the job site if they were having the same problem. They told us that they used to have big problems but ECMperformance was able to tune their ECM. This got rid of all EGR and DPF issues for our high idle application.

We were initially skeptical, but we figured we had nothing to lose since the truck wasn't running right anyway. ECMperformance had us ship the ECM to them. We had it back in the truck 3 days later. Works really good now. No more EGR or DPF problems. Idles all day and night without a problem. Thanks!

Caleb G.
Pipeliner Services


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We provide emergency service and plowing for local municipalities. Our fleet of Freightliner M2's with DPF were shutting down on the open road in sub zero weather. Brought it to the dealer, they told us there was nothing wrong with the truck. Yet, on the open road, we were routinely towing our own truck's. The problem seemed to be related to the diesel fuel not igniting due to our climate.

The DPF and the regen did not work properly in low winter temperatures. How can we run emergency plow service, if the truck won’t run right when the weather's really cold? That’s when we make our money plowing.

Our shop manager found EcmPerformance on the internet. After speaking with their techs, we figured we had nothing to lose. We shipped one ecm Fedex and got it back 48 hours later.

For two weeks now, that truck has ran flawlessly. One by one, we are going to send you the rest of our ECM's. You guys fixed our problem when Freightliner and Cummins could not.


Steve R.
Road Service



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Boy, we were really having trouble with constant DPF issues on our Kenworth T300 PX8 Dump Trucks. These trucks do a lot of idling and running in PTO.

Even though they each had less than 20,000 miles, they were constantly going into limp mode and shutting down. Made it impossible for us to haul anything.

ECMperformance really fixed all our dpf problems. Both trucks are working great. Thanks for the fast service.

Charlie G.
Excavation/Mining Company




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Back in November 2012 when we sent you our first ECM from a Peterbilt 340 / PX8, I was so worried about sending the ECM from our truck to an out of state vendor. But really, we had no choice because I couldn't afford to let the truck sit idle again for another Minnesota winter.
However, we were so impressed with the customer service, turnaround and results.

I just received my 2nd ECM programming service order back from ECMPerformance on a Peterbilt 340 dump truck with a px8 engine. Again, the turnaround service was great!. Sent it on Wednesday had it back on Friday morning. Unbelievable! Just wanted to let you know how happy we are.

And by the way, this winter was the first time we were able to run our trucks without problems. This was solely due your your ECM reprogramming service. Tell your all customers not to be afraid of ECM programming. Thank you so much.

Mark T.
Gravel Company




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I really wish I still had my old truck. I now have an '08 Freightliner M2 with an ISC. This truck has lately given us a lot of trouble. It is always doing a regen. I was on a 500 mile trip and it went into regen 4 times. Have you ever tried to drive in traffic while this thing is in regen? It is really hard to shift, shakes, back fires and the exhausts stinks BAD.

Most of our driving is 65-70 mph and on the highway. No one could figure out what the problem was and I really was starting to get pissed off. I never had this problem with my old rig with no DPF.

I also had check engine lights and periodic white smoke. I was ready to start a war with my local dealer when I found ECMPerformance while doing a search on the internet. I was a little skeptical but figured it was worth a shot. They seemed to know all about the trouble I was having and that it was all related to the DPF/exhaust.

ECMPerformance took good care of me. Now no engine lights, no regen, no foul smoke farting out the stack. No problems anymore. Thanks.

Pedro R.
Truck Driver




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I signed up for these email updates from ECMperformance about 8 months ago. Month after month, we would receive emails with testimonials from other customers that had all these DPF problems and how removing their DPF got rid of the problem.

Well I finally got plain tired of messing with this Peterbilt 335 PX6 ISB 6.7L 2007 feed truck and its limping, constant regen, constant shutting down, etc. I need to feed my herd, not play around with fixin’ this truck.

Like those other guys, we sent our ECM off to ECMperformance. I actually got it back 2 days later and reinstalled it, removed the DPF. Truck works great now. Power takeoff for the feeder also works without a hitch. My advice to anyone reading this is the sooner you do this the better off you’ll be. Thanks.

Cattle Farmer




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We service job site equipment in the field for the logging industry. Our Kenworth T370 2010 Service Truck was experiencing constant regen cycles, power de-rates & fault codes for DPF pressure / crankcase pressure. According to our mechanic, some of the Cummins engine fault codes were 0555, 1881 and 1883. Over and over again, every 100+ hours, we were changing the crankcase filter to get rid of the error.

Our mechanic found ECM Performance through a magazine ad. ECM Performance explained to us that the problem was caused by diesel fuel that gets injected during the regen cycle remains unburned. The unburned fuel ends up back in the crankcase increasing the crankcase pressure. The result is oil and crank fluid “blowing-by” the piston rings. This nasty mix then plugs the crankcase filter. The truck then codes out and shuts down.

Since we are offroad, we decided to have ECM Performance reprogram our ECM and we had the mechanic remove the DPF filter. Like magic, the truck no longer has codes or problems. Wish we knew about this a year ago. Thanks, Harold

Harold J..
Equipment Service



High Sulfur Diesel Fuel a problem for your export trucks?



As a exporter of trucks and equipment to South America, we had a customer waiting for 3 new 2012 F-750 trucks. However, the 2011 trucks that we shipped last April were having ongoing issues like Shutting Down, Red Stop Engine Lights and Yellow Check Engine Lights. Local service told the end user that all fault codes & issues were related to DPF exhaust problems with the high sulfur diesel fuel sold in the host country.

It was recommended that we speak with ECM Performance in Florida. We were told that ECM Performance could reprogram the ECM so the end user could remove the DPF Filter and the urea injection from exhaust system.

Since the trucks for export were already in South Florida waiting to go to the port, we had them transported directly to ECM Performance’s location. They programmed the two trucks the same day.

End user in South America removed the DPF and is now very happy with these latest trucks. We are sending 3 ECM’s from last year’s delivery your way for reprogramming. Thanks so much.

Carlos V.



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In the Department of Parks, as part of our fleet of trucks for Roadway Maintenance (Blacktop & Gravel delivery), we have a Kenworth 2009 T370 Dump Truck with a Cummins ISC 8.3L 330HP engine.

This truck had only 1700 hours. However, it experienced constant DPF related limp modes. The truck just couldn't get the DPF filters clean. After numerous trips to the dealer where they would force a regeneration cycle with their Cummins Insite Service Computer Program, the truck would then run trouble free but only for maybe 15-18 hours. It would then go right back into limp mode. These trucks have to idle all day long while running in Power Take Off mode.

Our older fleet trucks (2006 and earlier) that have no DPF filters, never have any problems besides regular maintenance.

A colleague of ours in another state used ECM Performance for a similar issue on his Freightliner truck. He gave us Jim's contact info at ECM Performance. Well, after speaking with Jim, we sent the ECM to ECMperformance and it was returned back in 2 days. It has been 100+ hours on the truck with no problems.

We were very happy with the service and results. I highly reccomend ECM Performance to anyone experiencing DPF related issues.

Thanks for Your Help,



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Our dept has a 2009 Allianz Johnston 4000 Series sweeper truck and a 2008 Freightliner refuse truck with low milleage and high hours. They were in constant regen and limp modes. We would get all kinds of different stop engine lights and check engine lights. The trucks manufacturer, local dealer and cummins service all told us that "nothing is wrong with the trucks." The problem was our low speed "application". We need these trucks to run at low speeds and be able to provide power take off also. It is sort of tough to sweep the streets or pick up trash at 40 miles an hour.

We sent off both ECM's to EcmPerformance in Florida for reprogramming. This was the best money we ever invested in a vehicle repair. We are back to running full time and not having to contract with an outside vendor to do the work our trucks were supposed to do. My boss thinks I am a hero for solving this problem.




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Dear Jim,

I wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you how happy we are with ECM Performance. I just received back the 2nd ECM that we had sent to your company. It was from a T-300 farm truck with 500,000 km. It was in limp mode again for the umpteenth time. Truck could start but there was no boost pressure on acceleration. Various red and amber check engine lights.

Just like the 1st truck, you guys shot it back to us lightening fast and now the T-300 is running as great as the Peterbilt 340 that you guys did last March.

I am telling everyone about you guys. Thanks again.


Mike K.



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Our Peterbilt 330 has 120K Miles with reoccuring engine problems. Sent the truck back to the dealer, again, for 2 WEEKS this time! Cost us $3500. The truck ran for 3 days and started flashing with engine problems. Truck is now barely running.

I found ECMperformance online and asked them if they could fix this “lemon” of a truck. They promised that if we overnighted the ECM to them that we would be back in business within 72 hours.

Guess what? In 2 days, ECMPerformance did what the dealer could not do in 2 weeks or 2 YEARS! Truck runs better than it ever did! I wish I knew about, ECMperformance and their programmers last year. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a DPF in their truck.


Jose M.
Waste Removal



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We have a ready mix concrete delivery business with 9 Peterbilt 340’s trucks, all with DPF’s. These trucks were constantly in regen and breaking down. The trucks would shut down in PTO, couldn’t idle and would go into limp mode.

Our trucks shutting down during PTO is a HUGE problem with a mixer full of cement. On more than one occasion, we have been forced to dump full loads because the truck broke down in transit.

My daughter found your company through an internet search. Since our dealer was useless in fixing this ongoing problem, I thought why not. On the phone, Jim at EcmPerformance guaranteed me that EcmPerformance would resolve all my dpf related issues.

We sent off two ecm’s via FedEx and had them back 2 days later. It’s been 6 weeks and no more problems. We are VERY happy with EcmPerformance’s service. Thanks Jim!

Earl O.
Ready Mix Concete Delivery



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Out of 40 vehicles in our construction waste service fleet, the only ones with a problem were 2007-2009 DPF equipped vehicles like our Peterbilt 340’s, Kenworth T300’s and Sterling Acterra’s. All equipped with DPF’s and Cummins 8.3 Isc or Paccar PX8 engines.

The trucks were constantly in regen, running in power de-rate & setting numerous check engine codes. All trucks were back and forth between us and the dealer. Dealer could not clear these codes and the reduced power problem.

Per the dealer, we have replaced numerous turbos, egr’s, dpf filters & DOC’s as well. These trucks became a money pit for service and parts that never solved the real problem. Also, when the trucks are off the site they are not making us money.

My in-house fleet maintenance manager did an online search and found We were skeptical about trying them, I was so desperate for a permanent fix, I felt we had nothing to lose. We sent off one ECM and got it back within 2 days.

That truck now runs better than the day we bought it. I was so happy to have a real solution, we have sent off the rest one at a time. The reprogrammed trucks are now all out on the jobsite, idling, running power take off and making me money again. Two thumbs up for ecmperformance. I wish I new about them 4 years earlier.

Chuck Z.
Waste Removal



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Our company in the Republic of Congo, Africa received three brand new Peterbilt 337 PX8 mine service trucks. Each had less than 100 service hours. The trucks just would not run on the local diesel fuel. We knew that the DPF exhaust system was our problem. Not to mention that DEF fluid is not easy to come by in the Congo. But when we tried to just remove the DPF, the trucks would not run at all.

After speaking with Jim at, we shipped our ECM’s overnight international and had them back all the way from Florida in a week! Our mechanic reconnected the ECM. He chose to remove the internal elements in the DPF DOC and SCR canisters. Now the trucks run with no problem,no engine codes and the PTO mode runs great.

Thank you for the professional and quick service.

Randy M.
Mining Company
Republic of Congo



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We have a 2009 Kenworth T300 Water Tank Truck with 120,000 miles. The truck is used to hose down our excavation worksites to keep dust under control as we dig. The truck would just shut down all the time.

So the dealer said “just take the truck on the highway to get into the regeneration cycle.” I explained that this truck is a piece of equipment on the job site. The dealer said that “this truck/engine is not designed to idle all the time.” So now I am faced with one of my guys getting paid to take this truck on the highway for 2 hours just to get the DPF clean.

After searching for a way to delete the DPF online, I came across ECMperformance. We sent in the ECM module. We got it back 2-3 days later & put it back in the truck. The truck idles & sprays water all day long now with no problems. Now my guys and the truck stay working on the job site making me money instead of costing me money. Thanks for the fast turnaround!

Cory K.
Excavating Company


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Our Ford F-650 flatbed truck has to run slow all the time on our farm and spend a lot of time idling. The dealer said this was not allowing our DPF filter to get cleaned & that we never got into the regen cycle. The truck would just unexpectedly shut down. Then we towed back to the dealer. They could not give us a permanent fix.

Since we were there so many times, I became friendly with the mechanic and he told me about deleting the DPF and reprogramming the ECM with We sent off our ECM and had it back 2 days later. Truck now runs great with no more problems.

What we did not expect was that the truck now gets 14 MPG. It used to get 8-9 mpg. Based on our current fuel costs, the reprogramming will pay for itself in fuel savings.

I was so impressed that we are doing the rest of our trucks as we speak. EcmPerformance really saved us on this one.

Rudy E


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Our dairy farm runs this Peterbilt 335 Box Truck with a Paccar PX8 engine with 80,000 miles. The stupid truck would always be in limp mode from that dirty DPF filter. So I said “Let’s just rip that DPF filter off that truck.”

At first the truck ran great with tons of power. But, things went from bad to worse. Then the truck just stopped running flat. We spoke with a Cummins dealer and they directed us to They told us "you just can't remove the DPF without reprogramming the truck's ECM computer."

I sent our ECM and got it back a few days later. My son plugged it back in and the truck fired right up. Runs great! Big thanks to the Jim and the fellas at ECMperformance.

Rudy J.
Dairy Farmer


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On job sites, I have had so many issues with DPF related problems in my other Ford F-450 and F-550 trucks. I decided to protect my investment in my low mileage 2008 Ford F-650 Dump Truck.

I overnighted my ECM computer for reprogramming to EcmPerformance. Pretty much took 20 minutes to remove and put the ECM back. I could have used a straight pipe, but I decided to just detach the DPF filter, remove the ceramics and reattach the empty DPF canister under the truck.

We did get one check engine light. I called support at EcmPerformance. They had me check the blinking pattern of the engine light. We forgot to plug a connector back into the fuel filter sensor. We are very happy with the programming, turnaround time and support from EcmPerformance.

We can also feel the increase in power and torque. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone with an F-650 truck with a DPF.

Steve K.


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We purchased a used Sterling Acterra 2008 with 36,000 miles on it for Septic Service. In the 2 years that we owned it, the DPF Filter was replaced along with injectors, the turbo, and an egr cooler. All of these problems were caused by the DPF.

We were very lucky that the truck was still under warranty. However, concerned that the truck would still be unreliable and our warranty expired, we could not send the truck on long hauls.

After having ECM Performance reprogram our ECM, we removed the DPF filter. When we looked at the insides of the DPF, the ceramic elements were already cracked and crumbling. Even worse, the catalytic converter elements were melted.

With no DPF, now this truck runs better than ever. We feel confident to send this truck anywhere, anytime.

Barry K.


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We bought a new Ford F-650 2011 that now has 10,000 miles on it. In the truck’s first six months, we had urea line and tank contamination, bad exhaust sensors and a one DPF filter replaced. Ford and Cummins said that all of these problems were DPF related.

We have a municipal vehicle recovery contract. Out of our two trucks, the one with a DPF filter just wouldn't work. The truck spent half its life in and out of the Ford and Cummins dealer with no improvement.

The truck would drive e great on the way home from Ford or Cummins, but once back in service, within days the truck would go back into Limp Mode (Reduced Power Mode). We began to have trouble meeting our obligation to the city. Out of desperation my daughter did a search on google for F650 DPF problems and she found ECM Performance. I sent them the ECM for reprogramming and replaced the DPF with a straight pipe.

Since the beginning of January till today, the truck now runs without any code or limp mode for the first time since we bought it. You guys really saved my ass on this one. Thank you so much!

Bill E.


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2008 Sterling Bucket Truck we bought at auction with only 900 miles and 540 service hours. Had immediate issues with reduced power in PTO mode. Only put 300 more miles and the truck just died. I flew to South Florida with the ECM and I had it back the same day. Back here in Panama City, the truck started right up and now with 8,000 miles we have better than full power. Best money we ever spent. Muchos Gracias!

Robert S.
Panama City, Panama


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I have Peterbilt 335 2008 Roll Off Truck we now use eclusively on construction sites with 140,000 miles. Already had replaced a turbo, vgt actuator and 2 dpf filters. Trucks idles all the time and hardly gets above 30 mph. Been to the dealer a dozens of times. The truck never ran properly, shutting down, reduced power modes and still the dealer, after dozens of visits, can't get it right at 140,000 miles. Sent my ECM to you guys. Had it back 3 days later. THE TRUCK NEVER RAN THIS GOOD EVER! Better than a brand new truck! Thanks so much. I don't know what you did, but you guys rock.

Jessie C.


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Ford F650 Fire Truck 2008 with just over one thousand service hours. Replaced two turbos and now the DPF filter was cracked. Truck will not run. Manufacturer had us int'l overnight our ECM to Ecm Performance. One week later we pulled out the DPF, replaced it with a straight pipe and plugged in the reprogrammed ECM. Truck fired right up and now has 6,000+ hours with no issues. Smooth idling and no problems. We are so happy that we are going to send you 4 more ecm's to program. God bless you guys!

Corey D.
Dalian, China


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We have a 2008 Kenworth T300 service truck with 84,000 miles on our farm. Been through a turbo and a DPF filter. Couldn't idle, shuts down, limp mode every few days. Was just impossible. Would never have bought a truck with a DPF if we knew that it would cause so many problems. A service tech actually flat out told us the DPF filter was the source of our problems and suggested we contact Ecm Performance. Wow! It's been 8 months with no problems. Rock solid reliable and our fuel consumption is down with more power. You guys are magicians! Thanks so much!

Roy S.


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We have 4 2009 Peterbilt 335 Propane Tank trucks with Paccar PX8 engines. They each have about 65,000 miles. Between all the trucks, we spent over $25,000 in uncovered repair bills and towing charges all related to problems with the DPF. The only time the trucks ran right was the 40 mile drive back from the Cummins dealer. We were ready to take a loss and just sell the trucks. A friend of mine in the same business suggested we contact Ecm Performance. After Ecm Performance sent us back our reprogrammed ECM’s, our 4 trucks have been on the road all winter long earning money instead of costing us hard dollars out of our pocket.

Scott P.