Removing the ECM from a 2008 T335 Peterbilt Truck

Tools Needed:
4mm allen key
10mm deep socket
and 1/4" drive rachet


Note: This guide is typical for most Cummins/Paccar 2007-2012 vehicles. Different vehicles can have slightly different layouts (i.e. bolt locations, connectors might have a rubber molding,etc).

Please contact our customer support at 888-768-2447 if you have any questions.


1) The Ecm can be found inside the the engine compartment.
It is bolted to the driver's side of the engine block

2) The Ecm is located behind the oil filter/breather and is attached to the engine block with four 10 mm nuts.


3) Using the allen key, loosen the allen screws from two 60 pin large connectors and remove. Then press the tab on the small connector and remove.


4) The last step is to remove the four 10 mm hex nuts. There are two on the top of the ECM and two on the bottom.


5) A Federal Express (Large Box) and some bubble wrap is perfect for shipping your ECM to us. Please insure for at least $1500.


6) Use this link here to create a service ticket to let our staff know that your ECM is on the way. Call 888-768-2447 if you need any assistance.